Your DNA gave you a “Habits” system to
make your life easier.

But habits only make your life better,
if you create ones that work for you.

This book shows you how.


When you feel like your daily life is disconnected from what moves you forward, one of the first places to look is at your habits.

The reality is, most of what we do each day, we do by unconscious habit.

So to get more harmony into the experience of life we want, we need to create habits that support a connected experience.

One of the very powerful “built in” tools we have is our habit system.

You can use this incredible system to your strategic advantage.

By intentionally creating your own habits, you can accelerate and automate the results you personally want to experience.

In his book, Superhuman By Habit, Tynan takes you through his journey, one that begins with him living a procrastinating, disorganized, start but never finish, lifestyle.

Realizing that his life was following a path to disappointment, he set out to learn how others had successfully created positive habits that helped make them successful.

The book, Superhuman By Habit, that resulted is a straight talking, fast paced series of teaching stories.

Each chapter provides defined, cause and effect recommendations designed to take you from wherever you are, to automating behaviors that support your chosen experience of life.

Good habits build great lives.

This book delivers multiple ways to help nudge you forward, one good habit at a time.
(It’s also available in audio form).

Let me know what new habits you’ve created. I’d love to hear.


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SuperHuman By Habit Book or Audio

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