Ikigai – “A Reason For Being.”


Ikigai – pronounced – (i ki guy) is a Japanese concept that affirms everyone is born with a natural purpose for their life. (their Ikigai).

It is believed that if one can discover and live their unique Ikigai, their life will be filled with great satisfaction and meaning.

Becoming clear about our own value and our natural strengths, and then intentionally building our lives through them, is a powerful way to accelerate our experience of living within our unique Ikigai.

As the diagram expresses, Ikigai is found by integrating:

  1. “That Which You Are Good At” (Our Strengths)
  2. “That Which You Love” (a blend of our Passion and Mission)
  3.  “That Which The World Needs” (Areas in the world in need of transformation)
  4. “That Which You Can Be Paid For” (A profession or vocation that can sustain your life financially). 

Learning to Live Through Your Strengths is about building a life that loves you back. A life where you intentionally live at the center point, the Ikigai that expresses your own unique “reason for being.”

I thought you might find this interesting, brief talk by Dan Buettner valuable and insightful.

Cheers to living a life you love.

Never stop moving forward,

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