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Privacy Policy

We highly value the trust you place with us as a subscriber.

We never share, trade or rent any of our subscribers emails with anyone, other than when required by law.

Occasionally we may present to you products offered by others if we believe that both they as a company, and the offering they have created, are relevant, of high value and could support your journey. When we do, it is likely we will be compensated through an affiliate relationship or other program they offer. 

However, when we do present their offering, we are presenting the product to you on their behalf, and are not sharing your information with any other party.

We continually work to keep both our site and our lists as safe as possible.

If you ever want to reach us with questions or an issue, please email me at: We’re here to help.

If at any time you decide our work is not adding value, No worries. You can unsubscribe at the bottom of any email from any individual promotional offering or remove your subscription from our Main list by selecting that choice at any time.

Thank you again for deciding to live your life Intentionally, connected to the best of who you are.

Terms Of Use Policy

The Sharing of publicly offered articles, blog posts, or videos are encouraged, as long as they are not edited, altered, or used out of their originally intended context and are directly credited to The Power Of Intentional Living or Paul A. Good, MM, MEd.

No part of this website or it’s proprietary content, trade marked phrases or other trademarked or copyrighted materials or Members Only content may be reproduced and used by you or others, in any form, without the expressed, written permission of The Power Of Intentional Living. 

It is our commitment to help you add the best of who you are to the world in ways that make life better for everyone.

Your help in assuring that what we create to help you is respected and properly credited, is truly appreciated. 

All the best, 


Paul A. Good MM, MEd
The Power Of Intentional

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