“Never let the things you want,
make you forget the things you have.”

When you and I are out there capturing our little slices of life, it’s easy for us to forget how much fun we have had.

That’s why we make such an effort to bring home a special object, or take photos that we can put around our home so the memory doesn’t fade away.

But one of our natural tools is our ability to tune out unchanged things around us.

Our mind does this to keep it’s energy directed toward where the “priorities” are, according to our circumstances and our sense of urgency.

Like a camera that can make the focal point sharp and the background blurred, that’s what our mind does when it allocates attention energy within our system.

The positive result is we can usually power through working on what is new or critical with enough energy to get the task done.

The consequence is that with little energy focused on those “blurred” parts of life, we can easily lose appreciation for the untapped value they can provide us in daily life.

Bringing The Blurred To Focus

Since we can consciously refocus where we want our attention to be, we can also quickly re-energize any aspect of our experience that has been sub-consciously dimmed.

And that means we can put fun and excitement back into our lives on demand, immediately.

And here’s just one silly, fun and easy way to do it!

Create Your Own “Appreciation Tour”

Here’s One Quick Example:

Many of us have pictures, art, plants and other decorations around our homes that we enthusiastically acquired at different times in our personal evolution.

But if you’re like me, over time we get focused on the immediate and these objects become part of the “blur zone” we no longer see.

And yet, every one of these items is infused with a story waiting to be re-told, re-experienced and re-appreciated.

That’s why we brought them into our experience of Home.

It’s time to unlock those gifts!

Are You Ready To Have Some No Cost Fun?

Ok! In the next week or so, try this:

If you live with others, (kids, family, etc.) tell them you’re going to do something special on ……night and you’d like them to be there for your “Appreciation Tour.”


If you have a close friend you like to share things with, invite them over to your “Appreciation Tour” for a drink and snacks.


If you just need a boost, do this solo. It will still be fun!

The Rigorous Three Step Process (only kidding about the rigorous part.)

1.) Pick a day and time, put it in your calendar, so the time is secured.

You could do this as a fifteen minute kick off to an evening of fun or a theme for the evening.

Whatever works to intentionally make this fun happen.

2.) Set The Stage.

Here’s the great part. It’s likely you already have everything you need, except maybe drinks and snacks.

3.) With those handled, here’s all you do during “The Appreciation Tour”:

  • Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, (wine, beer, sparkling cider…) to connect a celebration mood to what you’re about to do.
  • If you can, put the beverage in a fancy or fun glass, because this is a special occasion. You could even dress up, or throw on some jewelry, or your best Tuxedo T-shirt, to really raise the fun level. Go on, cut loose and have fun with this! Make it a hoot.
  • Now that you’re ready,
  • The Appreciation Tour Begins!
  • Start in an area of your home that has just a few Memory pieces in it. (avoiding choice overwhelm).
  • Now walk up to the first item you see, take a sip, and remember the story of how that item came into your life. If you’re alone, do this silently or out loud, ’cause hey, it’s your memory, right?
  • If you’re with a partner, family, kids, girlfriend or boyfriend, tell them what you remember most from your perspective, about the life experience that item is connected to.
  • If several of you were there together when you acquired it, each can share the memory they associate with that trip or experience.
  • Then move on to the next item that has faded into the blur, sipping and sharing, and unlocking the memories contained in each.

You don’t have to do this for more than fifteen minutes or so.

It could be a fun kick off to doing other things, or a theme for an evening with good friends.

Whatever fits.

But in just that very short time, you’ll instantly re-focus your mind and heart on the fun, cool experiences of your life.

You’ll reconnect with the experience of who you are and the appreciation you have for the other people and places you’ve experienced in your life so far.

Who knows, you might just use your little “Appreciation Tour” to inspire your next great experience and adventure!

Give this simple tour a try and see how quickly you bring a smile to your face and  a genuine feeling of Appreciation to your heart.

All in the comfort of your own home.

Never stop moving forward.



Paul A. Good MM, MEd

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