We all want the secret to a happy life.

Here’s two peoples journey to help us find some answers.


Uncovering The Mysterious “Ikigai”

If you listened to the TED Talk I posted on “Ikigai” by Dan Buettner,  you learned about his search for why some people live long, happy, highly active lives well into their 100 th birthdays or longer.

That’s why as a part of the Living Intentionally membership, you uncover the value you bring to each of it’s four elements, and use that knowledge to clarify and inspire a sense of purpose, or reason for being, in your daily life.

Because when we learn to intentionally create a life designed around using and contributing our natural strengths and purpose in the world, life wherever we live, becomes more energized, happier and more fulfilled, right where we are.

We also positively change the experience of everyone around us too.

The authors, Hector Garcia and Francesc Miralles, set off on a journey to talk with, experience and record every clue they could find about this mysterious philosophy called “Ikigai.”

As the author’s tell you, “In Japanese  “ikigai” is written by combining the character which means “life” with another which means “to be worthwhile.”

This book will take you on their journey to discover what creates a worthwhile life. It might also help you uncover new ideas to put to work in your daily life now.

I hope you enjoy it.

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(The Power Of Intentional Living) and share with us what had meaning to you.

Here’s the Amazon link to the book. It’s available both in print and in Audible version, narrated by Walter Dixon, a very pleasant speaker.

Never stop moving forward.



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