Everyone has advice about what we should do with our lives.

Our family, our friends, our bosses, our religion and a billion other people on the internet, to name a few.
But how do we decide what we should be doing?
What types of work, lifestyle, relationships would help us create a life we really love?

Living a “Mis-matched” Life

As we grow up, for the most part we simply cobble together what our lives look like.
We randomly discover things we like to do.
We find whatever work is available to sustain us.
And much too often, the two are unrelated.
So is it a surprise we often end up asking ourselves “Why am I doing this?”

Change The Game

Even from a young age, we intuitively have qualities that we identify as being uniquely “us.”
And within our DNA, each of us was born with a custom set of natural strengths to help us.
From day one, these abilities put us ahead of the curve within those areas.

But not in every area.

Being Honest With Ourselves

It’s popular to tell everyone “You can be anything you want to be!”
But the fact is, that’s not true.

If we don’t have a strong genetic bias in our DNA for math, we will never be a great mathematician.
If we are not naturally wired to have very fast eye / body coordination, we won’t be a great racer. This doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy doing these activities to a proficient level, and get some real personal satisfaction from doing them.
Golf is probably one of the greatest examples.
But without having a natural strength for it, even with focused effort, we won’t truly excel.

Know What Game To Play

What if we were clear about the value we see in ourselves?
What if we could create a detailed view of our identity, our most powerful natural strengths, and our underlying purpose that drives to to succeed?
What if we had a clear vision for what we want our experience of life to be?
And then use that combined knowledge to guide us in the direction where we’re most likely to succeed?
How could that change our level of satisfaction and fulfillment in our lives?
With that clarity, what types of work would we pursue?
What social groups would we intentionally connect with?
What personal characteristics would we recognize as better for us in our relationships?

Seeing The Value Of Who You Are

When was the last time you stopped to get a clear perspective on what you value most about being “You?”

With the frenzied pace most of us live, a common answer is “never.”

What If…

You could get this clarity?
What if…
Each time you needed to make a decision about what to take on next you had a reference point, a foundation you could lean on to make a better, more confident decision?
How might that expand the limits of how you see yourself?
How might it let you see new possibilities where you’d missed them before?
Could this grounded appreciation for your true value allow you to make better small decisions that keep moving you closer to the experience of life you really want?

Building On Strengths vs Building Up Weaknesses

The conventional wisdom has been that to be a balanced person, we need to focus our personal and professional development on building up our weaknesses. Our strengths will take care of themselves.
And spending time gaining a clear appreciation of what we value about ourselves was considered selfish and self-centered. Not a desirable pursuit.
Especially today, with our society so focused on who’s the best, too many people discount the power of their own unique value.
When they do, it diminishes not only their personal success, but ultimately their entire experience of life.

Research That Started Changing Minds

Thanks to decades of research and thought leaders like Dr. Donald O. Clifton, former CEO of Gallup, Inc, a world leader in skills assessment (you’ve probably heard of their Gallup Polls, etc.), you and I now have a powerful edge.
Dr. Clifton spent most of his life researching this question:
If we spent our time building upon our strengths, rather than shoring up our weaknesses, would it produce greater success and a deeper sense of personal fulfillment?
His more than fifty years of extensive research uncovered a very valuable, and to many, a counter intuitive perspective.

Build Upon Who You Already Are

Once we get beyond developing our core “life functional” skills, like math, reading, writing, etc., it’s up to us to decide where to focus our lives from there.
Based upon data derived from millions of assessments and the years of research by Dr. Clifton and Gallup, they found:
“People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged in their work and three times more likely to say they have an excellent quality of life.” Gallup, Inc.

Create Your Life…Intentionally

We all have a choice.
Instead of “cobbling” our lives as we go, we now have the opportunity to intentionally focus what we do, specifically around areas were success and fulfillment are most likely to occur for us.
By starting with this foundation, knowing what we value about ourselves, what we are naturally built to be good at, and the “Why” that drives all we do, we can begin to intentionally align where we spend our greatest amount of time, with the optimal use of the best of who we are.
As we do, we transform not only our own lives, but the lives of those around us.

Proven Tools Re-applied

Many tools and methods have been created and vetted by researchers in the fields of Psychology and Science to help us get clarity around what we value and what we are naturally talented at.
For example, psychologists and personal development methods researchers can help us more quickly gain perspective on what we value about ourselves.
Strengths assessment and skill matching techniques can help provide an objective view of our natural strengths, and it has worked very effectively in business.
For example, there it is often used to help assemble better balanced teams.
Balancing a range of natural abilities across a team helps align tasks with people who have a natural ability to accomplish them more rapidly.
What if we took the same proven technology and applied it at a much more fundamental level:

How we make choices in our lives.

Many of us were given personality and other “assessment” tests in school during our teenage years. Those tests were supposed to help us get clear on what professions or types of work would be best for us.

I took those tests, saw the results and then said (in my head) “interesting, thanks.”

And that was the end.

Those “personal assessments” felt more like dream crushers, rather than a vision of the greatness in my future.

Recognizing The Power We Already Have

What if we did things a little differently?

What if we selected specific tools and techniques used in these other applications and applied them to accelerate us along a success path designed to align us with living the experience of life we want?

A Success Path To Follow

As we all know, just because we know something doesn’t mean we can or will put it to use.
To intentionally create a life we love, we need not only the knowledge, but a path to follow and a community of good people to help us along the way.
The Power Of Intentional Living Membership was designed to accomplish exactly that.
It was created to combine knowledge, step-by-step action and the strength of a caring community to help power each person towards living their defined experience of life.
A place where people who want to go in a new direction in their life can follow a path that helps them develop clarity for when they are making those decisions.
A path, that if they got nothing else but a clear head about how much value they already have, it would have been worth the trip.
If you would be interested in discovering more about how to align what you do in life with the best of who you are, consider joining The Power Of Intentional Living Membership group.
Because we choose to focus our time on helping our Members succeed, we only open our doors to new Members about two times a year.
If you’d like to be notified the next time our doors are about to open, please join our WaitList by clicking Here.

You really can live a life with purpose, one that matters to you.

You just need to stop guessing what that life looks like and start following a better path. One you design based upon the best of who you are.

If it’s time to make a change in your life, we can show you how to do it with more clarity and intention.

You can join the Waitlist by clicking here now.

Decide to put yourself at the helm of your own life again.

Because this is your life, and living it through the use of your gifts is the key to unlocking what you “should” be doing with it.
Never stop moving forward.


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