“The Antidote To Tiredness, is Inspiration.” *



I talk about Access Points a lot.


It’s because it can be a very useful tool to accomplish things that make you feel heavy, but you need to get done. Especially on a regular basis.


I’ve used them to help me: Consistently Exercise, Take On Cooking, or even be sure to set up The Morning Coffee In Advance, and more.


And when I do, I’ve built some fun or pleasure into the task, so I keep getting it done consistently.


So here’s how it goes….


The Three Step “Access Point” Process

1.) Start with something simple that you don’t want to do, but is relatively simple to do.


2.) Think of one thing you really enjoy doing, that you could add to the task while you’re doing it. Something that would inject a bit of fun into it.


3.) Figure out how to connect the two in some way, so the enjoyment of doing the thing you like, can become part of the way you accomplish the thing you don’t.


That “fun thing” becomes your Access Point to accomplishing the task.


I know, it sounds too simple or childish to work….but I’m living proof it does. And it helps me get more done and enjoy it more, everyday.


A Couple Of Examples From My Life


For Example, on my blog I told the story of how I lovingly “volunteered” myself into doing something I don’t really like doing, and had no experience in…which was Cooking.


There was no chance to take it back, so I looked for an Access Point to help me over the hump.


Because I’m really into Art and Design, I made my Access Point how the dinner would look on the plate. A kind of mini art project I would create each time.


Especially while I was learning to also make it taste good!


That was about three years ago and I’ve been making us dinner five nights a week, ever since.


People ask me if I’m into cooking now.


The answer is “not really.” But I am definitely into creating colorful, attractive platings that  are now healthy and pretty good tasting.


And most importantly, my wife gets to feel valued each time I do.


It was all about finding an Access Point to make it happen.


And you can do the same thing.


Just Try It And See Where It Takes You 


Find an Access Point (a related thing you like to do) that you can connect to the thing you don’t want to do, and link them together somehow.


It’s a very effective tool to add to you “Tools For Life” toolbox:


Learning to harness the energy from something you’re jazzed about, to power you through what you’re not.


Here’s One More Tip:


You can use Time Shifting: Changing when you do something to also make something easier.


I don’t drink coffee in the morning, but my wife does. So I set it up every night.


But, I would often forget about it up until I was dead tired and ready to go to bed. That made doing it a real drag.


But then I realized I could set up the coffee anytime during the day, since it goes off automatically in the morning.


So now, anytime during the day or evening I walk by the coffee maker, I just set it up and get’er done when I’m full of energy.


And it stacks a little success right into the momentum of the day. (Ref. post on “Success Stacking”). And Check! It’s off my mind… and at the end of the day, when I remember it’s already done… now that feels good.


Let me know what Access Points you’ve successfully linked together By Posting Them On The Power Of Intentional Living Facebook Page. I’d love to see them!


Then you’ll help others and me discover new potential ways to get the tough stuff done, while actually having a bit of fun doing it!


Never stop moving forward.






*Quote: Paul A. Good
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